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We began in October 1991 by designing and producing batik fashions in Indonesia which first sold in May 1992 in the UK.

Our cloth maker since this time has been CV Herdea Batik in Solo, which is now a major supplier in the cotton fat quarters supply to the USA. Its batik cotton cloth is best quality and to the same standard as the renowned batik house of Dana Hadi. Often we also use their overmake cloth for our designs.

From batik cloth we create dresses along with casual trousers, box jackets, coats and a variety of blouses and skirts. Some examples are on our gallery page.

Our clothes are colourfast and machine washable 5/40deg

In 2010 we moved our Asian base to Chang Mai, Thailand where we make cotton blouses, bags, hats and coats. We now have built a bigger home and office after selling the last in San Kampaeng - see About Us/Contact. It has a private wing for visitors. We are 20 minutes from Chiang Mai International Airport. In Indonesia we still have sewing girls and a manager in Yogyakarta.

In the UK we have a container base in Northampton. We still supply some shops here as well as trading at outdoor events throughout the summers. Examples are Sherborne Country Fair and Sandringham Flower Show where we are usually successful.

Our events page lists where we are exhibiting each summer.

Follow us on facebook via the page links or at boutique OR search on facebook using @calum.burn 

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Boutique Batik was started in 1991 by Calum Burn. We started by extending our managers house in a village near Yogyakarta in central Java. After about two years we then moved into our own small factory, which was the first of a few locations throughout the years, one of which fell in the 2006 earthquake. Nevertheless we carried on.
We always use colour fast cotton and rayon cloth from the PT. Herdhea factory. From this we create our own designs including dresses, skirts, trousers and blouses. Historically we have supplied about 200 shops in the UK. Now we mainly retail at various outdoor events in Britain.
Around nine years ago we moved our base to northern Thailand in order to expand our product lines to include cotton and silk blouses, cotton casual bags and hats. Currently we are making stock in both Thailand and Indonesia in preparation for the 2020 summer season.
The simplest way to contact us is by email. Our business bank is Barclays in the UK.
Contact Numbers are: UK 07434 231035 and 07713547334
Thailand +66 91 0757313 For Thai language 0814593588 (Aungk
Email: Facebook: boutique @ calum.burn
Address : Viewdoi, 140 Moo 6 T, Mai Puka A , San Kamphaeng, Chiang Mai 50130 Photo below.
For UK wholesale/ shipping deliveries, our container is close to Northampton, please call for address.
Our new home in North Thailand. We used many trades, which Aung did admirably
Making our unique girls dresses in Java
Making our unique girls dresses in Java

Death of Cv Herdhea Director Pak Heru, Java , Indonesia
April 16, 2019
Sad news my best friend Pak Heru passed away friday last 12th April. Together we helped each others businesses since the start in 1992. After my Java divorce in 2007 I stayed in his home in java. We have many memories together and I shall truly miss his wonderful demeanor. RIP. B.H.N.W.W.
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